Random Stone — A Game-Changing Reward and Always for Free!

In the world of battle gaming, players are always on the lookout for powerful stones that can give them an edge in battle. These stones come in different shapes, sizes, and powers, and players often spend a lot of time and effort trying to acquire them. But what if there was a stone that could give players any power from the entire list of stones in the game? That’s where the “Random Stone” comes in — a game-changing reward that can be received after each battle.

The “Random Stone” is a unique stone that has the power to give players any power from the list of all stones in the game. This means that the stone can have the power of the most costly stone in the game, making it a highly valuable reward for any player. However, the power of the stone is completely random, making it impossible for players to predict what power they will get.

In terms of usage, the “Random Stone” can only be used once in each battle, and it will be burned after the battle. This means that players need to use the stone strategically, as they can only use it once in each battle. Additionally, players can only hold six stones at a time, so they need to decide which stones to keep and which ones to discard to make room for new stones.

The introduction of the “Random Stone” adds a new dimension to battle gaming, as players now have to factor in the potential power of the stone in their battle strategies. Since the power of the stone is random, players cannot rely on the stone to give them a specific power, which means they need to be prepared for any outcome. This makes battles more unpredictable and exciting, as players can never be sure what to expect.

Overall, the “Random Stone” is a highly valuable and game-changing reward in battle gaming. Its random power adds a new level of strategy and unpredictability to battles, making them even more exciting for players. With its unique properties, the “Random Stone” is sure to become a sought-after reward for players who want to gain an edge in battle.

How to receive it?

  1. After each battle player will receive it as a reward
  2. Mint it via the “write smart contract” function

How to mint?

Let's try in Oasis Protocol

Step 1: Access the Smart Contract Navigate to https://explorer.emerald.oasis.dev/address/0x04742eb8F14Aa13d52625Ab92340fAe639d257CE/write-contract and click on the “Write Contract” button to access the smart contract.

Step 2: Connect your wallet where you have $ROSE in your balance

Step 3: Define the Minting Function #8


name: Random Stone
value: how many stones do you want to mint from 1 to 6
amount: $ROSE payment worth 0.01$*value

For example, you want to mint 6 stones

Step 4: Click “Write” button and confirm the transaction in your wallet

All stones will be minted and available to use or transfer.

Enjoy and win :)



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