From Alpha to Beta — long trip by Heroes Battle Arena

This article delves into our experience during the alpha testing phase of our game, discussing the steps we took from its launch, the metrics we monitored, the outcomes we attained, the measures implemented throughout testing, and the future plans we have outlined.


Prior to commencing alpha testing, we established specific objectives for ourselves:
1. Attain a sufficient number of daily active users (DAUs) to reach 500 unique wallets.
2. Thoroughly test the game’s flow from the player’s perspective.
3. Evaluate the interaction with smart contracts and the blockchain.
4. Create activity tracking tools and seamlessly integrate them into our existing analytical systems for web3 games.
5. Identify key areas for development based on the outcomes of alpha testing, determining which aspects of the product should be carried forward into beta testing.


It is worth highlighting that we initiated our alpha testing on the Oasis Protocol blockchain. This blockchain offers distinct advantages, including a remarkably low transaction cost, seamless integration with oracles, availability for analytics on the portal, and an impressive blockchain speed.

Consequently, we successfully monitored all on-chain transactions and wallet uniqueness directly on You can find our game’s profile on DappRadar at

From 24th of April we launched Alpha test until 25th of May

We initiated various initiatives during the alpha testing phase to engage our community members. These included hosting prize-based activities, promoting the alpha testing through Twitter Spaces with our numerous partners, and launching quests on Crew3 and platforms. To attract users with varying levels of available funds, we also reduced the cost of in-game assets by a significant factor of 10 throughout the alpha testing period.

Thanks to these efforts, we were able to achieve an average of slightly over 500 active users, surpassing our initial expectations. In fact, our all-time high (ATH) reached an impressive count of 887 players, exceeding any of our projections. The data from these activities provided valuable insights and helped us gauge the level of user engagement and interest in the game.

Work on improvements

In response to the feedback received, we have undergone comprehensive redesigns and improvements in various aspects:

1. Logo: We have undertaken a complete logo update to align it with our ambitious vision and aspirations.

2. Website: Our website underwent a significant transformation. We migrated to react.js, resulting in a 90% visual upgrade. Additionally, we introduced the exciting feature of allowing users to create their own heroes, with plans to enable the ability to convert them into NFT erc721 tokens in the near future.

3. Roadmap: To expand the game’s offerings, we crafted a roadmap that includes the development of two additional modules. These modules will serve as captivating spin-offs of the core battle mechanics.

4. Menu Design: We have completely redesigned the game’s menu, and we are gradually implementing the new design in each subsequent build. We closely monitor user reactions to ensure the changes enhance the overall experience.

Previous Main Menu
Updated Main Menu

5. Blockchain Integration: Streamlining our blockchain compatibility, we have created a universal smart contract capable of functioning on any EVM blockchain. We successfully tested the scalability of this contract on the Phoenix blockchain.

6. Bug Fixes: During the alpha testing period, we dedicated over 100 hours to addressing and resolving critical bugs. Additionally, we incorporated new features based on valuable feedback received from the community, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience.

7. Tokenomics: Our team has completed the work on updating our tokenomics, which will be unveiled as a result of the forthcoming beta testing phase. These updates will enhance the overall economic model of the game, offering an improved experience for our players.

These extensive redesigns, improvements, bug fixes, and the updated tokenomics reflect our commitment to continuously enhancing and refining the game based on user feedback and aspirations. We are excited to present these advancements during the upcoming beta testing phase.

What’s next?

We are currently in the preparations for the upcoming public beta testing phase, which will be conducted on a minimum of three blockchains:

- Oasis Network
- Phoenix Blockchain
- Polygon

To support the launch, we are planning an extensive marketing campaign with the objective of reaching a total of 1000 daily active users (DAU). Concurrently, we will persist in our efforts to update and enhance the in-game interface to provide an improved user experience.

Additionally, we are excited to announce the development of our first spin-off game called HBA: Runner. This new addition will bring a fresh and engaging gameplay experience to our community.

As part of the beta testing phase, we will be conducting numerous giveaways, including a significant number of in-game assets and cash prizes. Moreover, we will also be organizing an airdrop event to express our gratitude to our dedicated community members.

By expanding the testing to multiple blockchains, introducing new games, offering generous rewards, and conducting engaging events, we aim to create an immersive and thriving gaming ecosystem that provides excitement and value for our players.

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